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Interior Fit-out Solutions

Kalandoor offers interior fit-out solutions for commercial, retail & residential spaces. We have a highly experienced team that aims to provide you with the results of your dream.

By blending creative ideas, quality materials & newly developed technics we can deliver a customized and aesthetically pleasing environment that connects, inspires & fascinates people. Our team is also capable to provide you methodical, precise, and much-practiced approach to interior fit-out that ensures a timely and cost-effective solution for your business. We have a proven track record working with various high-end brands & successfully completing 2000+ projects in various industries such as Fashion, Entertainment, F&B, Office, Electronics, & Supermarkets.

Having been in the commercial interiors fit-out industry for over 21+ years, we know just how to deliver the project as fast, efficient, inspiring, and exciting for your business and staff as possible, and this is how we do it…

  • Initial Kick-Off Meeting: We will meet first to understand your requirements & be on the same page with your vision.
  • On-site survey: We’ll meet on-site so that we can perform a comprehensive on-site survey.
  • Brainstorming & Ideation: We will brainstorm to create mind-blowing ideas that have ultimate relevance to your dream project.
  • 2D planning & design mock-ups: We will create 2D plans depending on the selected ideas, which gives you a chance to understand on-site looks & bounce back to design if not satisfied.
  • Fixtures, Fittings, and Finishes: We’ll give you plenty of options for furniture, fixtures, and fittings, and we’ll create gorgeous mood boards for you to feel what we hope to achieve.
  • 3D ‘Real Life’ Design: This is the most exciting part. The 3D design stage gives you an incredible, tangible idea of what your project will look like, and we think you’ll be amazed.
  • Transformation: This part of the project is when you can sit back and relax as we agree on timescales to start the project. That means that all you must do is look forward to the result and await the unveiling of your project.

Want to learn more about the interior fit-out process & designs for your project? Contact our experts and bring in the best advice & quotes.