Kalandoor Green Energy

KGE was founded by Mr Kalandoor and the initial project was to convert `End of Life Plastic Scrap’ to `Green Fuel’ which can replace HSD, LDO or Furnace Oil, KGE has set up a plant to generate Light Diesel Oil (LDO) by recycling waste plastic in to oil, by pyrolysis process. Oil (LDO) produces is used as fuel in boilers, electric generators, diesel pumps and other such equipment. In addition, the plant produces carbon of high quality that is used in foundries, paper and pulp industries, cement plants and thermal power plants. The gas is used for captive consumption; as a fuel for running the plant itself. The Industrial revolution around the world gave a great negative impact to the environment. KGE is fully pledge to contribute in developing and generating a green sources of energy minimizing both waste and pollution. KGE’s main objective is to make a significant impact in the reduction of the disposal of non-recyclable waste plastics, while creating a new source of domestic energy from it. KGE has emerge innovative set of technologies aimed at better sustenance of the environment. KGE would like to help reduce pollution, show global warming, create new industries and jobs and help to a worldwide campaign toward a cleaner, healthier energy future.
The fuel manufactured is being sold to Corporate Clients like Hotels, Hospitals etc., who take pride in replacing fossil fuel like HSD with our green fuel in their steam boilers.

Why do we need to convert waste plastic into fuel ?

Recent study performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approximately One billion tons of waste plastics are generated in the world every year. Statistics show that approximately 10% of this plastic is recycled, 25% is incinerated and the remaining 65% is dumped in landfills. The cost of waste plastic management is around $ 280 per ton. Incineration is an alternative to landfill disposal of plastic wastes, but this practice could result in the formation of unacceptable emissions of gases such as nitrous oxide, sulfur oxides, dusts, dioxins and other toxins. The method of converting the polymers present in the waste plastics into Fuel.


Kalandoor Green Energy has succeeded in generating fuel equivalent to diesel from waste plastic and is successfully marketing the fuel in the city of Bangalore. The fuel generated can be used in almost all thermal applications like Boilers, Furnaces, Hot Air Generators, Cement Kilns, Lime Kilns and any application where Liquid Fossil fuels HSD/LDO or FO are used for thermal uses. With advanced distillation techniques, this fuel can be converted to Euro Standard Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel.


Plastics present a major threat to today's society and environment. Over 80 million tons of plastics are dumped into the oceans annually, killing about 1,000,000 species of oceanic life. Though mankind has awoken to this threat and responded with developments in creating degradable bio plastics , there is still no conclusive effort done to repair the damage already caused. In this regard, the catalytic pyrolysis studied here presents an efficient, clean and very effective means of removing the debris that we have left behind over the last several decades. By converting plastics to fuel, we solve two issues, one of the large plastic seas, and the other of the fuel shortage. This dual benefit, though will exist only as long as the waste plastics last, but will surely provide a strong platform for us to build on a sustainable, clean and green future. By taking into account the financial benefits of such a project, it would be a great boon to our economy.

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